Telegram Sticker 芦Jonny 小apybara禄 馃槇

Sticker info

The sticker belongs to 芦Jonny 小apybara禄 animated sticker pack (ID: JonnyCapybara), containing 25 stickers. This sticker has ID 24 and matches 馃槇 emoji. Take a look at all Telegram stickers, that matches 馃槇 emoji.

To use this sticker in Telegram, install 芦Jonny 小apybara禄 sticker pack using the button below. Then type in 馃槇 emoji — Telegram app will immediately suggest matching stickers. This sticker will also be among them.

If you want to create your own pack of Telegram stickers, download this sticker, as well as your other favorite stickers, collect them into your own pack of stickers using the @Stickers official bot.