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«botsproject» sticker collection info

Telegram stickers «botsproject» (ID: botsproject_dice) uploaded to our website on 11/25/2021. Since then they have been viewed 709 times, downloaded 103 times. On average, «botsproject» stickers are viewed 118 times a day, installed 17 times a day.

The collection contains 10 animated images. Telegram uses a special TGS format, so downloading or playing animated Telegram stickers on PC or phone is problematic. Use player on our website to download individual frames of animated stickers in SVG, view animation at slow or fast speed.

The author/artist of «botsproject» stickers is the Telegram account @botsproject.

Install «botsproject» stickers in Telegram by clicking on "Add to Telegram" button or via this link t.me/addstickers/botsproject_dice