Who are we

We are fans of emojis and stickers. We use them to communicate, sometimes even more often than words. It is interesting.

We also like order. Therefore, every day we look at popular thematic Telegram chats and groups. We select interesting emojis and stickers, publish them here. In order not to lose them in a rapidly changing world.

How many emojis and stickers do we have

At the moment, 918 packs of Telegram emojis and 20861 packs of Telegram stickers are placed on our website. There are 821741 pictures in these packs. However, the actual number of files is slightly less. We publish some old packs of stickers partially. Usually up to 60 pictures. This is enough to get acquainted with the theme of the pack. Emojis packs are always published in full.

Want some more statistics?

As you know, Telegram emojis and stickers can be static and animated. Today we have 448 static emojis packs and 12637 static sticker packs, 258 animated emojis packs and 1238 animated sticker packs, 192 video emojis packs and 817 video sticker packs in our database. There are 898 actual packs of Telegram emojis and 14692 actual packs of Telegram stickers in total.

We put unpopular (as a rule, old) packs of emojis & stickers into the archive and mark them with icon arc. There are 6169 such packs. We delete files, freeing up disk space for new emojis and stickers. But we keep the relevant links so that you can view these emojis and stickers in Telegram.

We mark some packs of emojis & stickers with icon wow!. We especially liked these packs for their artistic value or good sense of humor. This is our subjective rating, do not be offended if your emojis/stickers do not have this badge.


We try to respect copyright. We use images from open sources. Telegram emojis and stickers are created by ordinary users. By posting packs on Telegram, the authors agree to share the images with the whole world. By using Telegram, users accept the condition that their works of authorship published on Telegram can be used by other people.

If you are the author of the images and you think that the emojis or stickers on our site are not legally placed, please contact us. We always try to meet halfway.


We are open to dialogue. Email us at admin@fcbk.su.

Also welcome to our Telegram group t.me/chpicsu_stickers, write your suggestions and ideas, publish your own emoji/sticker packs.