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Telegram stickers attention dicks
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This collection of stickers marked as "NSFW". Pictures may contain content that is not suitable for all ages. If you are sure you want to see these stickers, enable the option "Show NSFW content" in settings.
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«attention dicks» sticker collection info

Telegram stickers «attention dicks» (ID: attentiondicks) uploaded to our website on 08/20/2021. Since then they have been viewed 2457 times, downloaded 99 times. On average, «attention dicks» stickers are viewed 25 times a day, downloaded 1 times a day.

The collection contains 68 static (not animated) images. You can download pictures of stickers in WEBP format.

«attention dicks» stickers have status nsfw (Not Safe For Watching), contains pictures that may shock you.

Install «attention dicks» stickers in Telegram by clicking on "Add to Telegram" button or via this link t.me/addstickers/attentiondicks

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